Our Terms and Conditions

The use of the services provided by www.english-proofreader.com (henceforth 'English-Proofreader') is contingent upon the acceptance of these terms and conditions by any party who seeks these same services (henceforth 'customer'). Please read the following very carefully:

1. English-Proofreader is only responsible for the proofreading of the submitted document's English and thus makes no attempt to change its content. Plagiarism and/or the breach of copyright laws are serious offences for which English-Proofreader bears no responsibility.

2. English-Proofreader reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. Should this occur, the customer will be notified.

3. Once the corrected document is sent via email from our proofreader to the customer, the customer is entitled to seek further help or clarification from our proofreader within 24 hours of the corrected document's reception. If our proofreader does not hear from the customer 24 hours after the corrected document has been sent, s/he shall presume that the customer is satisfied with the corrections, and may thus consider the transaction completed.

4. The customer is required to pay for the total price before the submitted document can be corrected. Return Time is counted from the moment English-Proofreader receives such a payment.

5. English-Proofreader will only accept payment using the secure online payment facility provided on this website. Once payment is received, PayPal will send via email a payment confirmation to the customer. That payment confirmation from PayPal serves as the official proof of payment.

6. The customer can cancel the proofreading at any time before it has begun, in which case the customer would be entitled to a refund. If the customer wants to cancel after the proofreading has begun, no refund is possible.

7. Only customers with a document of 10,000 words or more may request a 1-page free sample edit, and English-Proofreader reserves the right to require proof of such a document.

8. Every effort will be made to return the corrected document to the customer before the agreed deadline. However, English-Proofreader will not be held responsible for any delay caused by events that are clearly beyond its control, e.g. fault in the customer's email system.

9. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all contact information provided is full and correct. English-Proofreader assumes no responsibility for any outcome due to wrong information having been provided, nor can it guarantee a refund, partial or full.

10. All transfer of files must be done using online electronic means. Documents will be sent as email attachments and it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that email facility allows for the receipt of emails with attachments.

11. In the event that the uncorrected document is not correctly received from the customer, English-Proofreader will normally request via email for the document to be re-submitted. Should this occur, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate document is submitted, in which case English-Proofreader assumes no liability for any losses incurred.

12. To ensure the privacy of any submitted documents, English-Proofreader shall delete them from its system one week after the successful completion of every transaction. Only Student IDs are kept on file for students to submit them only once. The submitted document and its corrected versions are only kept for one more week in case the customer may wish to ask for them later. At the customer's request, English-Proofreader shall immediately delete submitted document(s) and where appropriate Student ID from its system upon completion of any transaction.

13. For English-Proofreader's official policy regarding the issues of intellectual property rights and confidentiality with respect to document(s) submitted by the customer, please click here.

14. Customers who use our service with a view to publishing their text ought to keep in mind that our proofreaders are not required to keep on editing your text until it is accepted for publication.

15. English-Proofreader considers any customer who is receiving a salary, even if he or she is still doing any form of study, as a non-student. The same goes for submissions whose authorship is a mixture of student(s) and non-student(s); those submissions will be charged the non-student price.