Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started

Very simple. If you've made up your mind about using our service, please follow these three steps: 1. Go to the Contact us page to upload your document in Microsoft Word format; 2. Use the "Price Calculator" on the What we charge page to calculate the total price of your document (we accept the word count on Microsoft Word); 3. Proceed to the Pay us page to make your payment. Once we have your payment, your document will be corrected without delay. Keep in mind that the return time is counted from the moment we get your payment, so the sooner you pay up, the sooner you get it back. If you're still not sure, you can also email us for any further inquiry or send us your document for a quote on price and return time. We'd normally respond to any inquiry within 8 hours.

How much do you charge for editing my document

Again very simple: if you are not a student, you will pay 2.5 cents per word, so that if your document amounts to 1000 words, it will cost you €25 Euro (price includes VAT and all other charges). However, if you are a student, you pay 2 cents per word, so that a student's document of 1000 words will cost €20 Euro (price includes VAT and all other charges). For very short documents of less than 1000 words, there's a "minimum charge" of €15 Euro for both students and non-students. This minimum charge accounts for the administration involved in processing your document.

What if I find a similar service that's cheaper

May we dare you to quickly inform us? It is possible that we may lower our price in keeping with our declared goal of providing the most affordable proofreading service for quality.

How soon can you edit my document

For our 'Normal Service', you can expect the following fairly quick return times: 1000 words = up to 10 hours; 2500 words = up to 24 hours; 4500 words = up to 48 hours; 7500 words = up to 72 hours; 10,000 words = up to 4 days; 20,000 words = up to 8 days. For those who need their document(s) back as soon as possible, we also have an 'Express Service' at 2.5 cents per word for students and 3 cents per word for non-students. For our proofreaders, the 'Express Service' means dropping everything else to immediately work on your document(s): 1000 words = up to 3 hours; 2500 words = up to 8 hours; 4500 words = up to 16 hours; 7500 words = up to 24 hours; 10,000 words = up to 36 hours; 20,000 words = up to 60 hours. Our proofreaders are available Monday to Sunday 24/7. And Return Time is counted from the moment we get your payment.

In what format should I submit my document

You can either email us or upload your document here in any open format although Microsoft Word is preferred for the reason that it allows for a more efficient proofing and editing of your text.

Is there a limit to the size of the document I may submit

There is no limit. However, on this site's Contact us page, you may upload any file of up to 10MB. If greater than 10MB, please send your document as an email attachment.

When should I pay

You need to pay up first before your document can be corrected. You can make your payment on this site's Pay us page using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). Students without a credit card should consider using the credit card of a friend or family member (e.g. parents); students could then refund that person in cash.

How should I pay

You can pay us with a Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal if you have a PayPal account using the payment facility on our Pay us page. And even though PayPal, the internet's most secure, will securely process your payment for us, you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay (i.e. all you need is a Credit Card). Once your payment is received, PayPal will confirm it via email. If you do not get any such confirmation via email from PayPal, it means that your payment has not come through. In any case, should you meet any problems at all while trying to pay, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I'm not happy with the proofreading

Above all else, do not panic. For we are more than prepared to address your concerns.

What does your proofreading/editing entail

Our proofreading also includes what others may prefer to call copy editing - and all that for the price of one. We do at least the following: 1. correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; 2. help make the vocabulary more academic; 3. check consistency in vocabulary and style; 4. verify accuracy and conformity of referencing; 5. make additions and/or deletions to enhance readability; 6. improve sentence flow for the sake of clarity; 7. suggest various improvements via comments in the margin.