How We Proofread and Edit Your Work

                          Here's a sample paragraph submitted to be proofread and edited:

The tremendous increase of user generated content on the Web over the last ten years provides an inexhaustible source of information. Finding the required information becomes more and more like finding a needle in a haystack. The problem is not only the vast amount of information, but also the varying quality of information contributed by non-experts. Searching for information does not only mean to find information about a particular topic but also finding information with the right quality. This means, perception of quality cannot be assessed in general but only with respect to the users context. In the web's recent information systems, quality of information is not considered.

You will get back from us two files similar to the following: (i) one with our corrections indicated as well as comments in the margin; (ii) and another with our corrections already inserted. We use the track changes feature of Microsoft Word, hence our preference for files to be sent to us in that format:

(i) The first file with our corrections indicated:

(ii) The second file with our corrections inserted:

Over the past decade, the enormous increase in user-generated content on the web has provided an inexhaustible source of information, so much so that finding any desired piece of information online has become more and more like finding a needle in a haystack. The problem is not so much the vast amount of information available as the questionable quality of information contributed by non-experts. After all, searching for information online is as much about finding the relevant information on a particular topic as about finding information of quality. It means that perception of quality cannot be assessed merely in general terms but always in terms of the user's context. In recently created information systems on the web, quality of information is not even considered.

Our listed price covers both proofreading and editing of your text irrespective of quality or lack thereof. We do not 'rewrite', i.e. attempt to alter the content of your work, for the simple reason that our expertise is English and not necessarily your field of research. We check at least the following:

1. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. 2. Help make the vocabulary more academic. 3. Check consistency in vocabulary and style. 4. Make additions or deletions to enhance readability. 5. Improve sentence flow for the sake of clarity. 6. Verify the accuracy and conformity of referencing. 7. Offer suggestions for improvement via comments in the margin.